Over 12,000 traditional Chinese symbols/words are artistic and literary resource for any creative design, each single character containing traditional calligraphic strokes animation, audio pronunciation, combination to multi-character words, classic phrases, idom, motto, quotations, and simplified format currently used in China. It's a useful reference for Chinese learning, art design, web creation, and tattoo. Any question about the use of Chinese symbols? you are welcome to Contact with Andres Leo
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Fruits . Horoscope . Insects, Worms . Japanese terms . LOVE terms . Man, Male terms . Martial Art, Kung Fu . Money terms .
Music terms . Myth, Mythology . Names in Chinese database . Nations, Countries, , Geographic terms . People, Doers, Occupations .
Positive words . Quotations, Mottos, Proverbs . Sport terms . Time, History . Tool, Device, Machine .
USA terms . Vegetable, Vegetarian . Water Life . Woman, Female terms . Zoology, Animals

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If you have any question about the use of Chinese symbols, You are welcome to Contact with Andres Leo

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The Formosa Translation products are invaluable to us. We're ongoing users of the website, CDs and translation service. Their translations are fast and authentic and they're able to translate any name, word or phrase for us. (Beth & Lynn Stefani, Owners, 2009/01/20)

I came across Formosa Translation Service by chance... The turn-around time was better than advertised and the finished product was of extremely high quality and I was more than satisfied. Mr. Leo's deep knowledge of the language makes dealing with him very reassuring, and he has shown he will go beyond simply filling your order to ensure customer satisfaction. I now use his service exclusively, actively recommend it to friends and artists for his fantastic service. (David from Canada - 2008/09/25)

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Traditional Chinese is good for art design and tattoo!
The art of calligraphy is widely practiced and revered in the East Asian civilizations that use traditional Chinese characters.
These include Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, and formerly Vietnam.
The East Asian tradition of calligraphy originated and developed from ancient China,
specifically the ink and brush writing of traditional Chinese characters....
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